Published: September 26th 2017

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We boarded our plane in Los Angeles at about 4pm PST. We landed in Dubai at 7 something pm local time… the next day… ugh! 15 hours sitting. Spotty sleep at best. Airplane air. The type of tired we were experiencing at that point was somewhat normal jet lag. We had an 8 hour lay over and had no plans to sleep.

We flew Emirates which was AMAZING. Talk about the best long haul airline. And so many bonuses… like the seat between us was empty so we could spread out a bit. Also Emirates offers Dubai connect for long lay overs in the city of gold. Dubai connect gets you a free hotel room and meal. Not a 5 star joint by any means but a room, with a shower and bed!! And a free buffet in the hotel, open until 12:30pm. Seriously? Now that’s service. All that said we still had no intention of sleeping. The Burj Khalifa was calling our name. The Burj is the tallest building on the planet… how can we pass that up? Emirates has a shuttle to the hotel. Once there we checked in. They have it all worked out. “Mr. Skinner your

flight leaves at 3:40am, so we will check you out at 1am, wake up call at 12:30.” Madness! So cool. We ditched our carry ons in the room (oh, forgot to mention you don’t have to gather you luggage) and we were off!

Uber Dubai… yay! Took an Uber to the Burj. We had to walk through the mall to get to the entrance. Talk about westernized. Name the American restaurant… it’s there. Crazy walking through such a westernized place with men in thawb and women in niqab. So we got to the entrance and paid our fare. I don’t want to talk about the price… let’s just say, expensive. But we may never be back sooooo….

The elevators are super fast so it doesn’t take forever to get there. The highest you can go is the 148 floor. There are also stops at 124 and 125. The 148th floor was so cool. Juice drinks and fun little apps. You could FEEL the thing swaying. Kinda wasn’t ok for someone afraid of heights. Every time I would stop to look at something… I would feel the sway and want to sit on the floor. Steve… well, he would

have hung over the rail if he could! Thankfully there was glass to stop him. What a view! It was dark so we could only really see the light of the city. If we come back I might want a daytime visit. We got back to the hotel in just enough time to have a quick meal and a quick shower before it was check out time.

Back to the airport and back on that damn plane. This one was smaller and we were not lucky enough to have an empty seat by us. Instead I hit the jackpot with a guy that clearly does not understand personal space. He was practically laying on me the whole flight. Let just say this… if you chose to remove your shoes AND socks do me a favor and keep your bare feet under the seat in front of YOU, not in front of me! And mind your man spread. His knee was UNDER the arm rest and touching mine. The arm rest between us was nonexistent. His arm(s) were flowing over into my space. Kill me now. We are talking about a 9 hour flight. He slept the whole way. When

I did ask if I could get out to use the restroom, he didn’t stand, he swung his legs into the isle so I could squeeze past. WHY? I don’t understand. Needless to say I have changed our seats to better seats for the journey home and I am praying for a good neighbor.

We finally arrived in South Africa! 11am local time. The level of exhaustion was truly amazing. I wasn’t sure how I would make it. The original plan was to stay awake until 9pm…. we lasted until 6pm. Amazingly we slept until about 6am so we are doing ok. I’ll write more soon about our Cape Town adventures.



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